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از محصولات شرکت لانجی شرکت همکار صاسکو8

Magnetic Equipment & Separators

Dry vs Wet Magnetic Separators The function of magnetic separators is that they use magnetic material absorption property in a magnetic field to separate materials…

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نمای کلی از شرکت صاسکو

Oil Processing Hydrogen Plant

Edible Oil Processing and Hydrogen Plant Preparing and extracting edible oil beads requires different steps in small and medium sized plants and units. An important…

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ابزارهای خردایش و سایش از محصولات شرکت صاسکو

crushing and abrasion tools

Crushing and Abrasion Tools Crushing and abrasion tools are used to crush and grind various pieces of ores. The abrasion process is more focused on…

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Electric Motor

Electric Motor (electromotor) Electric motors are used to convert electrical energy into rotation and are used in various metal rolling lines, molten metal pumps for…

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شیلنگ های هیدرولیک فشار قوی و ضد اسید از محصولات شرکت صاسکو

High Pressure Acid Hose

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose High pressure hydraulic hoses consist of four or six layers of steel wires and are used in high pressure projects. These…

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نوار نقاله EP و استیل کورد

EP Conveyor Belt Steel Cords

EP Belt Conveyor EP belt conveyor is one of the most widely used conveyor systems for conveying materials. The belts are made of various layers…

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پمپ های اسلاری

Slurry Pump & Gearbox

Slurry Pumps Liquid-solid bipolar materials (slurry) are a mixture of various fluids with some solid particles and the pumps are used to pump it. Slurry…

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