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Edible Oil Processing and Hydrogen Plant

Preparing and extracting edible oil beads requires different steps in small and medium sized plants and units. An important part of the edible oil processing is the separation and extraction of oil from the seed. There are steps you need to take to do this. Various tools are also used throughout the process.

Edible Oil Processing

In the first stage, it is necessary to receive and store the oil seeds in the plant and processing unit. Then, with the help of mechanical or pneumatic tools, any extra substance is removed from the oil seeds. In the next step, the seeds are mechanically transferred to silos by means of conveyors to enter the oil extraction stage.

Chemical methods are used to extract oil from grains that are not high in oil (e.g. below 5%). To do this, the grains are washed with the help of permitted solvents, and they enter the next stage and process with the aid of the lubricants, which are a system for lubrication. Types of screens and filters are also used to purify materials from extras such as rock and soil and to remove the  grain shell during the processing .

Hydrogen Plant

Some of the processing of edible oils is devoted to hydrogenation. The oils are hydrogenated to capture the residual waste in processing. To complete the process, we require tools such as filter press. The activities needed for hydrogenation take place in workshops and factories that are designed and built for this purpose.